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ABA Find It!

How do you make learning more engaging for children with autism or other special needs? Make a game of it! ABA Find It! provides children with autism and other special needs with a fun and interactive approach to learning. With Stanley the Elephant as their guide, ABA Find It! helps each child identify objects across different categories using Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) techniques and high-quality imagery.
Key Features:
- Fun animated action by Stanley the Elephant for correct responses
- Special procedures to teach your child when they make an error
- Increasing levels of difficulty as they master each level within a category
- Levels that incorporate real-life backgrounds
- Progress report so you can track your child's progress
- You or your child can choose the categories of items that they learn
- High-resolution real life pictures of the items being taught
- Based on the science of Applied Behavior Analysis

Behavioral Intervention
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