Sign that reads "VOTING DAY" with "I VOTED" stickers
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#AutismVotes: Vote on Tuesday, November 6th

The 2018 midterm election will be held on Tuesday, November 6th. While 2018 is not a presidential election year, there are many federal, state,
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New CPT codes approved for ABA

The new CPT codes provide recognition from the American Medical Association (AMA) that ABA is an empirically supported medical intervention. Proper
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New CPT Codes for ABA Billing

Resources and information provided by the CPT Steering Committee will help ABA providers prepare for the implementation of new CPT codes in 2019.
mother holding her toddler aged daughter with autism
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HHS seeks nominees for National Family Caregiving Advisory Council

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is currently asking for nominees to the National Family Caregiving Advisory Council.
A Cintas employee with autism operates the napkin press.

Good work that's good for business

Quest Diagnostics, Cintas, & other company partners of the ADVICE initiative make progress in hiring people with autism & other disabilities
Autism researchers and study participants
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Autism Speaks resources and information for researchers

Autism Speaks provides resources and funding that helps researchers deepen our understanding of autism and improve the lives of people across the
Autism Speaks Science Digest is a free quarterly e-newsletter

Announcing Autism Speaks Science Digest (the relaunch)

We've relaunched the Autism Speaks Science Digest as a quarterly newsletter. Subscribe for updates on autism research, perspectives from Autism Speaks

This hospital is creating an autism-friendly emergency room

An Orlando hospital is piloting a new program to reduce stress for children with autism when they visit the emergency room.
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FY19 Federal Budget Strengthens Support for Autism

Funding increases in last week's FY19 appropriations "minibus" focus on autism-specific programs and keep us on a path toward new autism discoveries
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Watch the #AutismIs PSA

What you see if often just a piece of the full picture. Perception can be misleading and the truth is a spectrum of experience -- inner, outer, spoken
autism toys, sensory toys for autism, gifts for kids with autism

Ten Toys and Games for Autistic Toddlers and Children

Here's your guide to the best gifts for kids with autism. Find toys & games for autistic children that provide the best opportunities for fun and
9.5.2018's List of Famous People Living with Autism released a list highlighting famous people on the autism spectrum.

Drawing Autism: Inside the Minds of Artists on the Spectrum

The drawings in the book give an incredible glimpse into the minds of artists who fall on various places of the spectrum.

Girl with autism shines singing holiday version of 'Hallelujah'

Be ready to be blown away by the voice of Kaylee Rodgers, a 10-year-old girl with autism who has gone viral singing a variation on Leonard Cohen's
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Distance training improves autism care, shortens diagnosis time

Study shows good results from ECHO Autism – innovative training for doctors in communities without autism specialists 
state line between Tennessee and Virginia
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Advancing medical care through the ACE Kids Act

The Advancing Care of Exceptional Kids Act of 2017 (ACE Kids Act) will bring us closer to ensuring these vulnerable children receive the care they
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