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Tennessee has yet to enact autism insurance reform legislation.

Find your Tennessee elected officials here.
Find autism resources for Tennessee families here.

State Officials
Governor Bill Haslam (R)
Lt. Governor Ronald Ramsey (R)
Tennesse Senate; Tennessee House of Representatives

Federal Officials
U.S. Senator Bob Corker (R)
U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander (R)
U.S. House of Representatives Tennessee delegation

Tennessee News

Please join us for a discussion of health insurance coverage for autism spectrum disorders. Forty two states have enacted legislation that...

NASHVILLE (April 29, 2013) -- Autism Speaks' advocacy chair for Tennessee, Jennifer Sheridan, has produced a short video summarizing the progress to date on the Tennessee...

NEW YORK (February 15, 2013) -- Autism Speaks endorsed legislation introduced in the Tennessee Senate and House that would require state-regulated health plans to cover the...

House Bill 2105 - Sponsored by Representative David Shepard (D-69)
Requires private health insurance companies to provide coverage for the diagnosis and treatment of autism spectrum...

Nashville, TN (April 30, 2009) – Autism Speaks, the nation'’s largest autism advocacy organization, today announced its support for House Bill 2105, the autism insurance...

Bill History


March 26: House Insurance and Banking Committee defers further action to 2014

March 20: House subcommittee recommends passage with amendments of HB.1265; referred to full House Insurance and Banking Committee

February 14: HB.1265/SB.1286 introduced; HB.1265 referred to House Insurance and Banking Committee. SB.1286 referred to Senate Commerce and Labor Committee


May 25: Legislative session ends without passage of autism insurance reform.


April 15: Second hearing held by House Subcommittee on Industrial Impact on HB 2105

April 1: House Subcommittee on Industrial Impact holds hearing on HB 2105

March 4: HB 2105 referred to House Commerce Committee; assigned to the Subcommittee on Industrial Impact

February 26...

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