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Self-Funded Employer Tool Kit

The Autism Speaks Self-Funded Employer Tool Kit is designed to help families approach their self-funded "ERISA" employers about adding benefits to the company health plan.

Self-funded insurance plans are one of the most widely used forms of insurance coverage offered by employers. Because such plans are covered under federal law, they are exempt from state autism insurance laws. Autism Speaks has created this tool kit to help families find the coverage they need.  It is our hope that these materials will help you convince your self-funded employer to offer meaningful autism benefits. 

Autism Speaks has helped hundreds of families approach their companies about adding an autism benefit, and we will help you, too. Review the materials in the packet and feel free to draw from the sample letters to customize a letter to your employer. Set up a meeting with your human resources manager, and share the enclosed presentation. And don’t hesitate to call the Autism Speaks Government Relations team for assistance. We will gladly participate in a phone conference with you, and sometimes we even physically accompany families to H.R. meetings. 

Download the Autism Speaks Self-Funded Employer Tool Kit here!