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US House of Representatives Approve Funding for Combating Autism Act

December 19, 2007

(WASHINGTON DC - December 19, 2007) Autism Speaks, the nation's largest autism advocacy organization, today applauded the US House of Representatives for passing the Fiscal 2008 Omnibus Appropriations Act. The bill contains appropriations for the Combating Autism Act at the levels stipulated in the CAA, less an across the board cut of 1.747%. The cut is being administered to all programs and activities within the Labor, Health and Human Services section of the omnibus bill.

The bill contains the following appropriations:

  • Autism services, diagnosis and treatment at the Health Resources and Services Administration: $36,354,000, a $16.354 million increase over Fiscal 2007 ($37m was the level authorized by Combating Autism Act).
  • Autism surveillance and awareness at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: $16.212 million, a $1.2m increase over Fiscal 2007 ($16.5m was the level authorized by the Combating Autism Act).
  • An estimated $108.5 million for NIH-funded autism research.
  • Implementation of the Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee (IACC): $1 million within the budget of the National Institute of Mental Health is earmarked for IACC implementation.

In total, Autism Speaks expects a 2008 fiscal appropriation of approximately $162 million, as authorized by the Combating Autism Act.

Yesterday the Senate approved the Omnibus appropriations bill. The entire package will now go to the President's desk for his signature. The White House has indicated that the President will sign the bill.