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Pennsylvania Senate Banking & Insurance Committee Holds Hearing on HB 1150

April 02, 2008

(Harrisburg, PA - April 2, 2008) The most important day for autism insurance coverage in Pennsylvania took place yesterday, when the Pennsylvania Senate Banking & Insurance Committee, chaired by Senator Don White, held a three hour hearing yesterday on House Bill 1150. This bill seeks to require insurance companies to provide health care coverage for autism-related services.
Panelists selected to testify in favor of HB 1150 included:

  • Richard M. Foxx, Ph.D., BCBA, Penn State University
  • David Gates, Esq., The Pennsylvania Health Law Project
  • James N. Bouder, MPA, The Vista School
    Kim Motosicky, Parent
  • Rachel Brooks, Miss Pennsylvania 2007

Despite the the three hour hearing, Chairman White Chairman White has said that he wants to wait for more information before he allows this bill to be voted on.