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PA Autism Insurance Bill Senate Hearing Set for APRIL 1, 2008

March 19, 2008


(Harrisburg, PA - March 19, 2008) The most important day for autism insurance coverage in Pennsylvania is swiftly approaching in Pennsylvania!

On April 1, 2008 at 10 AM, Capitol Building Complex (Harrisburg), Hearing Room 1 of the North Office Building, the Pennsylvania Senate Banking & Insurance Committee will conduct a public hearing regarding the merits of HB 1150.

If you are from Pennsylvania, we would love to have you join Autism Speaks at the hearing and help us pack the room to demonstrate to lawmakers how important this bill is for our children.  The more the merrier!  Don't come alone!  Bring your families, neighbors, co-workers....we need to fill up the room and spill out into the hallways.

Opponents of HB 1150 continue to argue falsely that insurance coverage for treating children with autism is unnecessary and that the bill will cause insurance rates to increase up to 6%.  In truth, we know that such services are not only critical to the future well-being of thousands of Pennsylvania’s children, but also that HB 1150 will have a less than 1% effect on private insurance rates.

The panelists selected to testify in favor of HB 1150 include:

  • Richard M. Foxx, Ph.D., BCBA, Penn State University
  • David Gates, Esq., The Pennsylvania Health Law Project
  • James N. Bouder, MPA, The Vista School
    Kim Motosicky, Parent
  • Rachel Brooks, Miss Pennsylvania 2007

Again, please help us end the discriminatory practices of private insurance companies by attending the hearing and showing your support for the panelists and HB 1150.

For additional information contact:

Eastern PA:    Rachel Brooks at

Central PA:    Jim Bouder at

Western PA:  Patti McCloud at
Northeastern PA: George Shady at