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Oklahoma 44th state to pass autism insurance reform

May 05, 2016

Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin signed HB 2962 ensuring meaningful autism insurance coverage in the state. The law will prevent state regulated health insurers from continuing to exclude basic, evidence-based care for children diagnosed with autism.

The legislation was sponsored by Senator AJ Griffin and Representative Jason Nelson and received broad, bipartisan support.

“I am extremely happy that Oklahoma families will have access to services for their children learning with an autism disorder.  Now we begin the work of building a network of outstanding providers for our state,” said Senator Griffin.

“I’m happy to have played a small part in helping these families access the vital autism therapies and treatments their children need, and I’m grateful to Gov. Mary Fallin for signing this life-changing law,” Rep. Nelson told Tulsa World. “Gaining insurance coverage for children on the autism spectrum has been a long time coming,” Nelson added. “The successful effort this year is the result of a knowledgeable and highly effective grassroots campaign by the parents, families and friends of children on the autism spectrum.”

"We are thrilled to finally have meaningful autism insurance reform in Oklahoma. We thank Governor Mary Fallin for signing HB2962 into law,” said Tara Hood, parent and advocate with Autism Speaks. She added, “We are also grateful to all the families, providers, advocates, and legislators who worked diligently to get this legislation passed this session.”

With the new law, Oklahomans will not be forced to move to other states to gain access to basic, evidence-based care for their family members with autism.