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Detroit News: 'Romney-Ryan looks like Snyder-Calley'

August 31, 2012

DETROIT (August 31, 2012) -- In a comparison of the Romney/Ryan Republican ticket with Michigan Governor Rick Snyder and Lt. Gov. Brian Calley, the Detroit News cited Calley's embrace of inmproved autism insurance coverage as a political issue.

Reporting from the Republican National Convention in Tampa,  Marisa Schultz highlighted how the two-generational age gap between Calley, 35, and Snyder has been compared with the relationship between the GOP nominees, Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.

"The generation gap in part helped Calley get legislative items on the agenda that may not have otherwise made the cut, such as insurance coverage for autism treatments, said Calley, whose daughter is autistic," the News reported.

The News also quoted Paul Welday, the president of the Michigan Autism Insurance Reform Coalition, who attended the convention as a delegate from Oakland County.

Calley was a strong supporter of the three-bill autism insurance reform package passed by the Michigan Legislature and, as acting Governor, signed it into law in April, making Michigan the 30th state to require better autism insurance coverage by law.

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