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Autism Speaks Opposes Changes to Clay's Law

February 27, 2009

(February 27, 2009) - Autism Speaks has learned that critical elements have been stripped from Clay's Law (Senate Bill 43) that will cause the bill to be an ineffective mandated offering, rather than the autism insurance reform that families in Utah so desperately need.  Mandated offering laws do not require (or mandate) benefits be provided at all.  Unfortunately, these changes are disappointing and have forced Autism Speaks to oppose SB 43.

We continue to believe that families dealing with the financial burdens of autism deserve to have insurance coverage for the medically necessary, evidence-based autism therapies that their children need to live fulfilling lives.  We are so thankful to the families and advocates in the Utah autism community that commited countless hours to this effort.

We will continue to keep all Utah Autism Advocates posted on the progress of autism insurance reform across the country.