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Autism Speaks applauds a proposed rule by the Department of Education

Proposed rule would help close the disparity gap in special education for individuals with disabilities
March 03, 2016


Autism Speaks applauds the Department of Education for its action to address inequality in special education. The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) aims to provide equity in the identification, placement, and discipline of all students with disabilities. 


However, disparities still exist for some underserved groups of students with disabilities, especially students of color. The Department of Education recently released a proposed rule that would help close the disparity gap by providing states with a standard approach to identify schools with significant disproportionality of students of color and other underserved groups of students that are classified for special education, disciplinary practices, and placement in certain educational settings. 


Autism Speaks will continue to advocate for improved access to critical educational services, from early intervention to transition services, so all students can reach their full potential.