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Autism Insurance Bill Introduced in Illinois State Legislature

February 21, 2008

(ILLINOIS - February 21, 2008) Illinois has become the latest state to introduce autism insurance reform legislation. Illinois Senate bill 1900 was introduced this week in committee by Senator James DeLeo, and will include coverage for therapies such as applied behavioral analysis and other evidence-based, medically-necessary treatments. A lobbying day for parents and organizations in support of SB 1900 is planned for April 15th in Springfield, Ill.

Peter DiCianni, the father of a young daughter with autism, Lee Jorwic, the Autism Speaks Chapter Advocacy Chair in Illinois, and the father of an 18 year old son diagnosed with autism, and Christopher Kennedy of Autism Society of Illinois, a long time advocate of autism legislation in Illinois and the father of a daughter with autism, are working to build a coalition of autism organizations in Illinois to help move this bill forward. Watch for updates on what you can do to help pass SB 1900 in Illinois.

Read the Illinois bill