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Calls to Action

Anchorage Daily News: Pass the Bill

April 24, 2012

ANCHORAGE (April 12, 2012) -- The Anchorage Daily News in an editorial called on the legislature's House leadership to move SB.74, the autism insurance reform bill, for a vote this year. The bill has passed the Senate and 28 of 40 House members have signed on as a co-sponsors, but the measure is being held in committee.

"There's a reason that lopsided majorities of both the House and Senate not only support this bill but signed on as co-sponsors," the editorial said. "It's a simple opportunity for legislators to do much good at little cost. That bipartisan support reflects an Alaska trait we've seen over and over through the years: Give Alaskans a specific good thing to do to help their neighbors, and they'll respond in spades."

Read the full editorial here.