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Alaska Enacts 'Silver Alert' System for Vulnerable Adults

July 12, 2013

JUNEAU (July 12, 2013) -- Alaska has enacted a law adopting the "Silver Alert" rapid response and notification system that can be activated when vulnerable adults, including those with developmental disabilities, go missing.

Sponsored by Rep. Max Gruenberg and Sen. Johnny Ellis, the new law makes Alaska the 39th state to adopt the  "Silver Alert" system which is modeled after the "Amber Alert:" system for missing children. In addition to adults with developmental disabilities, the law's protections would apply to senior citizens with dementia, veterans suffering from PTSD, and other disabled adults.

Gruenberg said Alaska has a particular need for a “Silver Alert” program because of the state’s harsh weather and vast wilderness, coupled with its large number of active military members and veterans, as well as a growing senior population. The Alaska Department of Public Safety, in cooperation with the Department of Military and Veterans’ Affairs, will design the program to enlist the voluntary cooperation of media outlets in notifying the public of missing vulnerable adults through television, radio, and social media.