#WhyAutismCARES Campaign

February 8, 2019


We need your voice! The Autism CARES Act is the primary source of federal funding for autism research, services, training, and monitoring. Unless Congress acts, portions of the law will sunset on September 30, 2019. 

Join the #WhyAutismCARES photo campaign to show your support of this critical legislation. 
Sign reading "Why I care about Autism CARES" at the top and "#WhyAutismCARES" at the bottom


1. Print out the #WhyAutismCARES sign.
2. Write why you care about autism research and services.

In the blank space, write why you support the reauthorization of the Autism CARES Act. For some people, that may be a person's name and for others it may be about the importance of genetic research.

Check out why we care about Autism CARES for inspiration on how this legislation helps our community.

3. Post your photo to social media.

Tag your Members of Congress. You can find your members' twitter handles here.

Tag us at @autismspeaks or @autismvotes

Hashtag #WhyAutismCARES

Sample Post: @RepXYZ @Senator1 @Senator2 Support research and service advancements for #autism by reauthorizing #AutismCARES! #WhyAutismCARES @autismvotes 

4. Send your photo and reason for supporting the Autism CARES Act to advocacy@autismspeaks.org to be featured in our #WhyAutismCARES campaign.
Tulika Prasad and son Vedant holding a sing saying why they care about Autism CARES
Mike DiMauro holding a sign saying "Why I care about Autism CARES"
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