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April 02, 2008

NEW YORK, NY (April 2, 2008) – Autism Speaks, the nation's largest autism advocacy organization along with the Allen Institute fo

2008-04-02 12:38
March 11, 2008

Autism Speaks, the world's largest autism advocacy organization, today announced a series of international events to mark the inaugural

2008-03-11 12:38
March 06, 2008

Walk Now for Autism, the signature fundraising program for Autism Speaks, has been cited as the fastest growing charity walk program by

2008-03-06 12:38
February 28, 2008

This weekend, Toys“R”Us, in conjunction with the Toys“R”Us Children's Fund, will kick off its second annual fundraising campaign to ben

2008-02-28 12:38
February 13, 2008

Sundance Channel will present the U. S. television premiere of Lauren Thierry's documentary Autism Every Day on April 2, 2008, which ha

2008-02-13 12:38
February 08, 2008

Ragdoll, award-winning producers of Teletubbies, has announced that its New York-based marketing and licensing arm, Ragdoll USA, will j

2008-02-08 12:38
February 05, 2008

Today, Toys“R”Us and the Toys“R”Us Children's Fund, announced their continued support of Autism Speaks, an organization dedicated to fa

2008-02-05 12:38
January 17, 2008

Autism Speaks and The Gillen Brewer School will once again team up for the Kickoff for a Cure III dinner gala on Wednesday, March 12 at

2008-01-17 12:38