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House to Home Prize Executive Summary

July 2016 - Autism Speaks is excited to release the Executive Summary of the Autism Speaks House to Home Prize, a prize launched in late 2015 to encourage the development of revolutionary solutions that might empower adults with autism to live as independently as possible while remaining connected to a larger community.  

Currently, 81% of adults with autism live with their aging parents. While there are many organizations and alliances dedicated to making the search for housing and community living easier, a major breakthrough that meets the escalating demand for homes and supports for those with autism is needed. Autism Speaks sponsored the Autism Speaks House to Home Prize to bring about this breakthrough.

The House to Home Prize Executive Summary provides background information about the prize, demographics of the applicants, details about the winners' ideas, as well as an overview of many of the central themes of the proposals. 

Download the full report here!

About the Prize

The total prize money was $150,000 divided into prizes for three separate categories – solutions for individuals needing support 24 hours a day, seven days a week; solutions for individuals requiring daily support; and solutions for those who require weekly support. The House to Home Prize was managed through the HeroX incentive prize platform. The judging panel looked for belief-busting ideas that were resourceful, inspiring, simple, collaborative and/or transformative. Judges assessed the quality and viability of each entry based on these criteria: Clear, Concise, and Compelling.

Applicant Demographics

A total of 262 applications were submitted from 766 registered competitors in 63 countries! 


Three winners received prizes of $50,000.

Winner 1: Community Living Opportunities, Neighborhood Networks
For adults requiring 24/7 support
A new paradigm of services that affordably empowers people to live an enriched life as independently as possible

Winner 2: Changing Housing Into Community (CHIC)
For adults requiring daily support
The support and security of a group home with the personalized supports that enable people with autism to lead the kind of lives we all want

Winner 3: First Place, AZ
For adults requiring weekly support
Housing options for adults with autism must be as bountiful as for those without it

Central Themes

The summary covers eight central themes and provides an example of each. Themes include:

  • Tiny homes
  • Creatively repurposing existing spaces
  • Villages
  • Homes near universities/colleges
  • Construction to meet unique needs
  • Farms/rural areas as places to live and work
  • Technology to enhance independence (apps)
  • Person-specific submissions from family members

Download the full report here!