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Calls to Action

Washington D.C.

Artwork by a talented group of young artists with disabilities from Washington, DC will go on display starting Thursday and running through March 20 at The Corcoran Community Gallery. Entitled "The Art of Movement," the show was created by the St. John's Community Service Arts Option Program. Jessica Hopkins, an Art Instructor at St. John's, explains the show:

The theme for this show focuses on art communicating and channeling energy through movement. A number of people consider movement as something only conveyed through a figure or object.

Amid classic DC humidity, nearly 1300 runners and over 400 walkers celebrated Independence Day in Potomac, Maryland at the 13th Annual Autism Speaks 5K. Over 250 people joined the race remotely by running or walking their 5K around the world to help us spread awareness. Thanks to presenting sponsor BOWA, co-chairs Ed and Anne Nuttall, 100+ teams and countless sponsors and community supporters for helping make this our most successful Autism Speaks 5K ever - $273,000 and counting.

On January 31, military families will get their chance to tell Congress about the special challenges they face raising children with autism.

Many military parents will be in the audience. But many more will be unable to make it to Washington for the briefing. Autism Speaks believes their voices need to be heard as well. We are making it possible for these military families to record a brief story about their experiences and upload it to our YouTube page.

We will share as many of these videos as possible with Congress, including airing portions of them during the meeting.