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5 Easy Ways to Stay Involved with Autism Speaks after Graduation

Congratulations graduates! You’re likely traveling the world, preparing to start your first job and/or gearing up for graduate school. Whatever your post-graduate plans are, you can continue to stay involved with our college program, Autism Speaks U, and Autism Speaks!

Here are five easy ways that you can stay involved and make a difference:

After the Storm

Denise Bianchi is an employee for Autism Speaks, helping in the Family Services Department for the Southeast Region as well as the Communications and Marketing Departments.  She is the mother of two children, Danielle, 18, and Andrew 13, who has autism.  She and her family reside in Staten Island, NY.   

Why I Walk - Amy Huizenga

This blog post is by Amy Huizenga, who is a part of the New Jersey Shore Walk.

On June 22, 2010 my son was diagnosed with autism. He was 28 months old. The lives of the then 5 of us were forever changed. I was 36 weeks pregnant with our 4th baby. My oldest of the 4 kids was just 3 and a half.  Our kids are now 5,4,3 and 2.  Bradley is our 4 year old.

A Life-Changing Year

This is a blog post by Shira Roth, the mother of two boys, Evan (age 4, PDD-NOS) and Noah (age 1.5).

On October 13th we'll be celebrating four years of our amazing and very special Evan. But this October marks another important anniversary for us, too. It will be one year since Evan was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. This was a year filled with frantic researching and then ultimate confidence in the school support team; fear and hope; sadness and joy; denial and acceptance; shame and pride; anxiety and calm. A roller coaster of emotions.

Check out the apps for Autism Speaks!

Autism Speaks

Want a new way to help spread the word about the Walk?  Well now you can with the new custom iPhone and Android application!  Locate our new Walk Now for Autism Speaks mobile application through iTunes or the Android store.  Just follow a couple of easy steps to start fundraising through your SmartPhone:

·     Go to the App store and search for Walk Now (it’s free!)

·     Click on Install the application.