Walk Now for Autism Speaks

Light It Up Blue isn't only in April!

Congratulations go out to David Kahle of the Cincinnati Walk as he completed his Light It Up Blue and autism awareness crusade around the city of Cincinnati. 

David, Kelly, and Parker went around town thanking the busines... More...

2011 St. Louis Walk Kickoff and 2010 Awards Reception

It is impossible to sum up the experience St. Louis Walk Now for Autism Speaks supporters had on Friday, June 24th in just one word. 

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Why I Walk and Support Autism Speaks

My name is Jennifer Wachtel Kates.  I am a mom, professor, writer, and the 2011 chair for Walk Now for Autism Speaks.  I am writing to share my experience with you to let you know why I support Autism Speaks.

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2011 South Dakota Walk Now for Autism Speaks

On Saturday, June 11, 2011, over 700 participants gathered for the South Dakota Walk Now for Autism Speaks event. 

Walkers were thrilled to have the clouds part and the sun shining for the first time in four years! 

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Why I Walk by Nicole

Nicole is a sophomore at Carrolton School and the top team captain for Miami.  This year their team, Team Carrollton, has raised over $40,000.

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