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What Will the Future Look Like for Someone Like My Son with Autism?

The post below is by Mari-Anne Kehler. Mari-Anne and her husband, Eddie, have a son, Liam, on the Autism spectrum. Their family has been impacted by the challenges of raising a special needs child into adulthood. Mari-Anne is active in the community in the areas of autism awareness and fundraising and in mentoring families impacted by autism. She is also the Director of the upcoming FRED Conference.

"Nothing can be done without hope and confidence."
- Helen Keller

Chad Faces 'Obstacles & Opportunities' on World of Jenks

The changes keep on coming for Chad on MTV's World of Jenks episode 'Obstacles & Opportunities.'

Chad recently learned that he has diabetes, and in an effort to help him lose weight, Jenks brings him to the gym. At first, Chad is hesitant, but goes and has some fun on a stationary bike.