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Team Up!

This blog post is by Sam Barron who says, “This was the first poem that I wrote for my first year of high school. It was an assigned poem that I quickly wrote up two periods before it was due. Got a standing ovation. Enjoy!”

It's not having a social ability, 
not being able to have a normal conversation. 
It's your parents, afraid of telling you this 
because they don't know what to do. 
It's getting a simple hit in the brain 
causing you to lose your ability to speak well.

This blog post is by Robert Holt

We were in for a wild ride right from the start.

 Bruce Springsteen was back in town, and we amazingly won tickets through Autism Speaks 5K, donated by Patti Springsteen.  Patti was inspired by a girl with autism who could horseback ride just like a normally developing teen, and wanted to donate tickets to the Autism Speaks cause.  Coincidentally, we were the lucky winners - my wife & I have been active in the Autism Speaks 5K and Walks for many years, and have a sweetheart 13-year-old daughter with autism.