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Stephen Shore

Community Grants Announced! Spotlight on 2012 Recipient

In conjunction with the announcement of the recipients of the 2013 Family Services Community Grants, we wanted to highlight the success of a 2012 recipient. “Keeping it Real,” a program of NYU Steinhardt’s ASD Nest Support Project, works with successful self-advocates with ASD to develop self-advocacy and strength-based modules for students with ASD, beginning in the younger grades.

Live Chat with Dr. Stephen Shore


Diagnosed with “Atypical Development and strong autistic tendencies” and “too sick” for outpatient treatment Dr. Shore was recommended for institutionalization. Nonverbal until four, and with much support from his parents, teachers, wife, and others, Stephen is now a professor at Adelphi University where his research focuses on matching best practice to the needs of people with autism.