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Teen with Autism Gets Help with Hygiene & Appropriate Behavior: Part 2

“How can we help our teenage daughter improve her hygiene and understand the difference between public versus private behavior?” 

Family in Remote Area Seeks Autism Treatment Guidance

“I live in an area without access to intensive early intervention therapies for autism. What can I do to help my child?”

Today’s “Got Questions?” answer comes from Autism Speaks Assistant Director for Dissemination Science Lauren Elder.

Tackling Teenage Sexuality

Guest post by Kirstin Greaves-Lord, PhD, head of the Autism Research Program of the Erasmus Medical Center and The Yulius Academy, in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and Esther van der Vegt, PhD, of The Yulius Academy, in the Netherlands. (Shown in photo: Dr. Greaves-Lord; Kirsten Visser, MSc, PhD; Linda Dekker, MSc, PhD; Frieda Boudesteijn; Dr. van der Vegt)

'The Doctors Are In' June Transcript

On Thursday June 7th Autism Speaks Head of Medical Research Joe Horrigan, M.D., a clinical child and adolescent psychiatrist, was joined by guest hosts Dan Coury, M.D., medical director of Autism Speaks Autism Treatment Network (ATN) and ATN Program Director Nancy Jones, Ph.D., for our monthly 'The Doctors Are In' webchat. Here's the full transcript.