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A Photo Diary of the Walmark Family Meeting John Mayer

It's not everyday you get to go to a John Mayer show, let alone head backstage to meet him. Last night, I did just that, but I was part of something so much bigger.

Ethan Walmark, of the 'Piano Man' fame, idolizes John Mayer and to see them meet was incredibly moving. I had a ball with the Walmark family and will treasure the night always. 

To try and write about the experience, truly wouldn't do it justice.  I'd rather you see some photos I snapped throughout because after all, a picture is worth a thousand words!

Autism, Acting, and Rock 'n' Roll!

Jamison Braly, a filmmaker shares here in this blog post about his experience directing a very inspirational music video.

I know almost nothing about autism.

I’m sure there are PSA's about it, and I am betting 20/20 or Dateline did a show about it, but I missed all of that data and am left with a vague knowledge of what autism really is.

Kerry's Korner #26: Peyton Plays Charlie Brown Theme Song

In this episode, I feature Peyton, a 13 year old with autism who gives us a first look into one of his passions in playing the piano. Peyton will be playing the piano in an interactive dinner theater play called "Tony and Liz Tie The Knot" this September 21-30th in St. Louis! For more information on Peyton and the play please check out their website at!


Weekly Whirl - Summer Playlist

If anyone knows how hectic life can get – WE DO! That’s why we have created the Autism Speaks Weekly Whirl to fill you in on all of the highlights of the week! The last thing we want is for you to be left out of the loop! Please share with friends and family to spread the word about all of the exciting things going on in the autism community.