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This is a post by Jim McClafferty, Founder and President of Brain Parade, a developer of learning solutions for children with autism and other special needs and the creator of See.Touch.Learn., an iPad application and online community, which serves as a visual learning and assessment system that can be shared with others.

This post is by Leigh Belcher, MS LPC, Director of Clinical Services at Triumph Services, Inc., Holly Brigman, M.Ed., CRC, NIC, Coordinator of Program Research and Evaluation at Auburn University's Center for Disability Research and Service, and Brooke Stephens, Executive Director of Triumph Services, Inc.

In this episode, I feature Autism Self-Advocate/Celebrity Carly Fleischmann who has been in the news recently for being told on a flight back to her hometown to not use her iPad during takeoff. Carly is nonverbal and relies on her iPad to communicate which has led to a debate amongst the autism community when it comes to accommodations. I discuss this and why accommodations and acceptance are essential in the video here.