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Calls to Action


Our 2014 Fall Walk events are quickly approaching! Even if you are not yet registered for this year’s event, we invite you to join us for "Office Hours – Jumpstart Your Walk Fundraising." Join Beth Whitehouse, National Walk Director, as she demonstrates the Walk Now for Autism Speaks "My HQ" email features and a demo of the Walk Now for Autism Speaks Mobile App.

What if your next t-shirt could provide joy and financial support to a child with autism?

What if that same t-shirt purchase could inspire confidence and a sense of

accomplishment for an adult worker with autism? Plus, you can instantly own a unique,

limited-edition piece of artwork that just happens to come in your size.

What is Wear it Blue?

Wear it Blue is a campaign to raise awareness and show support for families affected by autism. Wear it Blue was conceived in Washington DC by a 16-year old sister of a young teen with autism and her many friends who have always been there displaying compassion, love and understanding for her and her family. In Washington, DC, the DC Inaugural Committee will have simultaneous bake sales on April 25th at many middle and high schools in the metropolitan area to sell donated goods from local bakeries.

Why Wear it Blue?

April 2012 marked the biggest World Autism Awareness Month to date and Autism Speaks was at the forefront, leading the charge with our Light it Up Blue initiative. Read on to find out all of the happenings of the month!


On May 2, YouTube sensation Ethan Walmark was featured alongside his parents, Allison and Michael, during the 8:00 a.m. hour of the Today Show. Ethan, 6, was diagnosed with autism four years ago. A recently posted video of him performing Billy Joel's "Piano Man" has rapidly gone viral on the internet, earning Ethan praise from Joel himself.