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FedEx 400 benefitting Autism Speaks

Devino's 'NASCAR Dream' Come True

This blog was written by Emily Finer, the mother of Devino, a 10-year-old boy diagnosed with less severe autism. Emily says about Devino, "he loves NASCAR. He watches recorded races over and over. He uses the internet to learn more about NASCAR.  He memorizes statistics and hangs on every word the commentators say, especially Darrell Waltrip. His dream in life was to meet Darrell Waltrip (DW). He hopes to be a commentator for NASCAR when he grows up like DW." 

Kerry's Korner #17: Kerry Speaks About "Living with Autism"


In this episode I feature an opportunity I had to speak about "Living with Autism" at Dover International Speedway for NASCAR's FedEx 400 Benefiting Autism Speaks Event in Dover, Delaware. Autism Speaks on this day held their first annual "Autism Speaks Day at the Races", the first-ever autism friendly viewing experience for NASCAR fans. Families got to experience this race in an environment specifically designed for the enjoyment of children with autism.