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Family Services Community Grants

Your Dollars @ Work: Helping Adults on the Path to Successful Careers!

A 2012 Family Services Community Grant to the YMCA of Greater Kansas City funded the Y’s efforts to help impact employment outcomes for youth with autism spectrum disorders by holding Career Academies throughout the Greater Kansas City area in 2013. The below post is by Julie Alsup, Program Innovation and Resource Director at the YMCA of Greater Kansas City.

Your Dollars @ Work: Empowering Kids Through Scouting

This Your Dollars @ Work post is written by Karen Krejcha, Executive Director of Autism Empowerment, an Autism Speaks Grant recipient looking to train scout leaders to effectively work with children and teens with autism and their families to provide them with an empowering and enriching scouting experience! Autism and Scouting i

A Report from a Family Services Chapter Grant Recipient!

This guest blog catches up with one of our 2013 Chapter Grant Recipients in Pasadena Child Development Associates. You can learn more about how you can apply for one of our chapter grants here.

Last year, we piloted a small grants program in the four main chapters of Autism Speaks: St. Louis, Southern Florida, Chicagoland and Southern California.

Spotlight on an Inclusion-Based After School Program!

Afterschool programs can provide great experiences for individuals on the autism spectrum. As the school year begins, we wanted to highlight programs throughout this week from around the country to give you and your families a glimpse into various types of programs available for the autism community. You can also search our online Resource Guide for afterschool programs in your area!

Roses for Autism

The mission of Roses for Autism is to grow independence in the business world through a replicable Autism training and employment program integrated in a successful and sustainable rose business. The vision is to demonstrate a replicable working model for inclusive transitional employment for youth and adults on the Autism Spectrum. In 2011, Autism Speaks awarded $25,000 to Roses for Autism through its Family Services Community Grants program.