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Calls to Action

Early Access to Care

A Conversation with the Filipino-American Community

Posted by Andy Shih, Autism Speaks senior vice president of scientific affairs. On Sept. 24th, Dr. Shih participated in "A Conversation with the Filipino-American Community about Autism,” with Autism Speaks Associate Director of Public Health Research Michael Rosanoff and Assistant Director of Public Health Research Amy Daniels.

Raising Autism Awareness at Megafest is a Profound Experience

This post is by Pat Robbins, Texas area director for Autism Speaks, and Alycia Halladay, Autism Speaks’ senior director of environmental and clinical sciences.

MegaFest. Sounds big, right? It was! Those of us who were lucky enough to represent Autism Speaks at MegaFest in Dallas August 29-31 were incredibly honored, professionally, and profoundly moved, personally.

Saturday's LA Early Access to Care Screening: The Community Built It!

Clinicians, Resource Agencies and Volunteers will come together this Saturday, September 7th to respond to concerns and questions from Los Angeles families.

This is a blog by Marianne Sullivan, Managing Director, Regional Programs and Services in the West at Autism Speaks. Marianne is the mother of a 21-year-old adult with autism.

Family in Remote Area Seeks Autism Treatment Guidance

“I live in an area without access to intensive early intervention therapies for autism. What can I do to help my child?”

Today’s “Got Questions?” answer comes from Autism Speaks Assistant Director for Dissemination Science Lauren Elder.