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Family's Trip to the Movies Takes Unpleasant Turn

Emily Colson, author of “Dancing with Max,” recently shared a troubling experience she had at a movie theater in New England with her 22-year-old son who has autism. In the post “Darkness in a Theater” on, Emily details the negative reactions other moviegoers had to her son’s exclamations during the previews which ranged from excitement to overstimulation.


This guest post is by Robin Ziemann, a mother of a child on the autism spectrum. She is also a blogger at Two boys, a dog, and Autism. 

My son has autism. There, I said it. I've said it many times, but really, it's just as difficult to say this time as it was the first time. Why, you ask? Because when people think autism they think Rainman, they think non-verbal and stimming, and then they say, "I'm so sorry". Sorry? For what? Just because Topher has autism doesn't mean autism has him.