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Calls to Action


Over the coming decade, 500,000 individuals with autism will leave school and enter adulthood. This is in addition to the millions of adults with autism who already live throughout the United States. Many of these individuals will need to access the adult services system, a system that already has exceedingly long waiting lists and few autism-specific supports. One of the most critical needs of this group of adults is for appropriate housing and residential supports – an essential component to living as independently as possible.

Amid classic DC humidity, nearly 1300 runners and over 400 walkers celebrated Independence Day in Potomac, Maryland at the 13th Annual Autism Speaks 5K. Over 250 people joined the race remotely by running or walking their 5K around the world to help us spread awareness. Thanks to presenting sponsor BOWA, co-chairs Ed and Anne Nuttall, 100+ teams and countless sponsors and community supporters for helping make this our most successful Autism Speaks 5K ever - $273,000 and counting.