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In this episode, I feature Peyton, a 13 year old with autism who gives us a first look into one of his passions in playing the piano. Peyton will be playing the piano in an interactive dinner theater play called "Tony and Liz Tie The Knot" this September 21-30th in St. Louis! For more information on Peyton and the play please check out their website at!


This is a blog post by Marianne Sullivan, RN, MN, the Assistant Director of National Outreach and Resources at Autism Speaks, and the mother of an adult with autism.

My son Hunter is a 20-year-old adult with autism. From age two when he was first diagnosed with autism, his language development was extremely limited. This has continued throughout his life, so his inability to express his needs and feelings frequently leaves him deeply frustrated, which, in turn, gets expressed by challenging and aggressive behaviors.

Jennifer Toscano is an aide at a private school for children with autism in New Jersey. With 6+ years working in the special education field, Jen has been exposed to a number of unique opportunities and experiences. Jen has created great relationships with many different and complex children over the years. Jen continues to work passionately and love the children that change her life daily.