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Autism Speaks

This blog post is by Phyllis Raja. She left her career in technology in the financial district once sher started her family. She have three boys..."my three sons", Adam age 11, Alex age 10 and Byron age 8. Both Adam and Byron are "on the spectum". In addition to Little League baseball, Adam brought a love of NASCAR racing to their family and they are all now huge fans!

Janet Edghill is the mother of a 4-year old son with severe autism. In addition to her autism insurance reform advocacy, she is also Vice President of the Hawaii Autism Foundation (HAF), a non-profit whose mission is to find and fund autism treatments for those who can't afford it, and to bring medical doctors with expertise in autism to Hawaii to treat affected children.

We are students at Purdue University in an engineering design course, our team consists of 4 members: Kevin Morrisroe, Marissa Zon, Jim Brand, and Gautam Pansare. For this semester, our project is to design a non-electric toy that physically interacts with the user. Our team is interested in creating a toy for autistic children in 4-7 year age group.

This post is by Leo Zanchettin of the Jacksonville Walk Now for Autism Speaks. Leo is the father of six, four of whom are on the autism spectrum.

Hi, there. My name is Leo Zanchettin, and I’ve got plenty of reasons to walk for autism. Actually, I’ve got four main reasons. Their names are Richard, Louise, Chris, and Nicholas—our kids who are on the autism spectrum. I’ve also got two other reasons. Their names are DeVaughn and Adele—our kids who are not on the spectrum.