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Alycia Halladay

Posted by Alycia Halladay, Autism Speaks senior director for environmental and clinical research. Dr. Halladay and the rest of the Autism Speaks science staff are just back from four days of scientific sessions at the 2014 International Meeting for Autism Research (IMFAR), in Atlanta.

“I read about BrainNet and your new push to increase postmortem brain donations. Why? What has brain tissue research done for the autism community?”

This week’s “Got Questions?” response is from Autism Speaks Senior Director for Environmental and Clinical Sciences Alycia Halladay.

This post is by Pat Robbins, Texas area director for Autism Speaks, and Alycia Halladay, Autism Speaks’ senior director of environmental and clinical sciences.

MegaFest. Sounds big, right? It was! Those of us who were lucky enough to represent Autism Speaks at MegaFest in Dallas August 29-31 were incredibly honored, professionally, and profoundly moved, personally.

Posted by Alycia Halladay, PhD, Autism Speaks senior director of environmental and clinical sciences

Over more than thirty years of autism research, one finding has stood out in its consistency: Boys are at least four times more likely than girls to be diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).