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2012 election

by Shelley Hendrix, Director of Grassroots Development

The election is over. Now what?

90 days ago, we began the 1 in 88 Can’t Wait campaign. Since that time, about 12,000 more Americans have been diagnosed with autism.

That’s 12,000 new children whose parents are seeking answers for medical treatments and therapies that will help them. Another 12,000 people joining wait lists for doctor visits, treatment centers, service providers and Medicaid waivers.

by Amelia Mullins, 20, of Lexington, Kentucky with help from her mom, Wendy Wheeler-Mullins

Amelia Mullins has autism. She voted for the first time by absentee ballot, then in her second election used a voting machine. "I wasn't sure how she would do with our electronic voting machines (which I find to have an over-sensitive wheel to turn to make selections that runs past the person you want to vote for), but she did great!" said Wendy.

By Stuart Spielman, Senior Policy Advisor and Counsel for Autism Speaks

As Election Day 2012 draws nearer, many in the autism community have asked us for clarification on the voting rights of people with autism. Key issues are competence, legal guardianship and voter assistance.