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Walk Now For Autism Speaks

The inaugural Louisiana Walk Now for Autism Speaks took place at the Audubon Park on Sunday, October 28th with over 125 teams and nearly 1,200 walkers in attendance celebrating this first year event.   To date over $118,000 has been raised for the Walk with donations continuing to come in.  However, the Walk goal of $80,000 was met and exceeded prior to Walk day!

We had a great day on Sunday, October 28th at our Inagural New Mexico Walk Now for Autism Speaks with over 500 participants raising over $25,000. 

The 2nd annual Volusia County Walk Now for Autism Speaks on Saturday, November 3rd raised $102,000!  It had a good start by  beginning on the morning of Walk day at $91,000 - well above the $75,000 goal!  Just two years ago, this event began as an off-shoot of the Orlando Walk and has grown in to an established Walk of its own.   More than 1,100 people joined together to celebrate an incredible day for fundraising and awareness.

Almost 300 people joined Autism Speaks for its 5th annual Sullivan County and Surrounding Areas Walk Now for Autism Speaks event. The Walk took place on Saturday, October 27th at Sullivan County Community College.. Together, the Sullivan Community helped raise nearly $28,000 for Autism Speaks to date, with more coming in every day!

The 7th annual Arizona Walk Now for Autism Speaks was Sunday, October 28th.  The beautiful sunny day encouraged almost 17,000 walkers to join us; more people than ever before! Our amazing community has raised $1.4 million so far!Fundraising will continue into next year – please help us hit our goal of $1.5 million.

This blog post is by Amy Huizenga, who is a part of the New Jersey Shore Walk.

On June 22, 2010 my son was diagnosed with autism. He was 28 months old. The lives of the then 5 of us were forever changed. I was 36 weeks pregnant with our 4th baby. My oldest of the 4 kids was just 3 and a half.  Our kids are now 5,4,3 and 2.  Bradley is our 4 year old.