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In Their Own Words

In Their Own Words - The Conversation

Janet Edghill is the mother of a 4-year old son with severe autism. In addition to her autism insurance reform advocacy, she is also Vice President of the Hawaii Autism Foundation (HAF), a non-profit whose mission is to find and fund autism treatments for those who can't afford it, and to bring medical doctors with expertise in autism to Hawaii to treat affected children.

Autism is a Rope

This poem was written by a fifteen-year-old girl who has a brother affected by autism.

Autism is a rope.

Holding you back.
It pulls at Your mind.
It puts you in the "dumb" category, 
You become out of the ordinary,

Autism is a rope.

Pulling you into its depths.
Nothing You can do,
But embrace it.
If only you knew what it really does,

Autism is a rope.

I am a Child WITH Autism

This is a poem written by Kathy Booth. Kathy Booth has taught in the Ramsey School district for over 15 years. She began her career working with children with special needs. To this day, Kathy looks for ways to bring special education into her mainstream classroom. She is currently teaching the Kindergarten Wrap Program at Tisdale Elementary School in Ramsey. Kathy is also the proud mother of two adult children. When her children were grown, she decided to go back to school.

In Their Own Words - Colors of Autism

"My name is Kelly Loftin. I teach special education at Southwest Laurens Elementary in Rentz, Georgia. My daughter is in 4th grade. Recently she was given an assignment to write a poem on a color. She asked her teacher if she could write about autism and her teacher, Laura Thomas, agreed. As a mom I am so very proud. As a special education teacher, I am touched that she has a "heart" and understanding for others. Although I was very proud upon reading it, I still had some questions. The first question was - "Did you write this on your own?" The answer was yes.