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Parents with Nonverbal Child Seek Advice on Preparing for Pet’s Death

“Our 7 year old daughter has autism and is nonverbal. She adores our very old cat. How can we be ready to help her deal with the coming loss?”

This week’s “Got Questions?” answer is from clinical psychologist Lauren Elder. Dr. Elder is Autism Speaks assistant director for dissemination science

Perspective on Breakthrough Report on Autism and Infant Eye Gaze

Our families have expressed great interest in a study published this week showing declining eye contact in infants who go on to develop autism. We’ve asked Paul Wang, Autism Speaks vice president for medical research, to discuss the larger implications around this study and related research. Dr.

Advancing Autism Awareness and Inclusion through NYC’s Korean Churches

[slideshow:2, order=top, width=585, height=500, img=||||We arrived in Flushing to make our presentation to the Korean American Church Association of Greater New York at the New York Cho Dae Church (대뉴욕지구한인교회협의회 정기 총회에서의 발표를 위해 우리는 플러싱에 있는 뉴욕초대교회에 도착했습니다)||, img=||||Megan and Christina with Autism Speaks materials in English and Korean (배포될 자료를 들고 서 있는 강-이 박사와 메건 맥커티씨)||, img=|

Parents Seek Help for Son with Autism and Recurring Behavioral Crises

“Our child – soon to be a teenager – has autism, and there are times when we find ourselves in a true behavioral crisis. What can we do besides call 911?”

So important is this question – and so broad the situations and options - that we’ve invited two experts to provide answers.

Autismo Habla – Autism Speaks at the Ibero-American Summit

Posted by Andy Shih, Autism Speaks senior vice president for scientific affairs, and Michael Rosanoff, Autism Speaks associate director for public health research.