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Government Relations

Jennifer Sheridan, or "Mom to Charlie," is our grassroots advocacy chair for Tennessee and helping to lead the fight in the Legislature for insurance coverage for medically necessary autism treatments. She explains why she is working so hard to bring help to families, even though her own family would not benefit.

Jasper Hood is the son of Quess Hood, a special education teacher from Ripley, Mississippi, who has led the charge for better autism insurance coverage in his state legislature. In this blog, he urges Mississippi Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves and Senator Videt Carmichael to finish the job this year in the state Senate, by moving a bill passed 120-0 by the House.

Artwork by a talented group of young artists with disabilities from Washington, DC will go on display starting Thursday and running through March 20 at The Corcoran Community Gallery. Entitled "The Art of Movement," the show was created by the St. John's Community Service Arts Option Program. Jessica Hopkins, an Art Instructor at St. John's, explains the show:

The theme for this show focuses on art communicating and channeling energy through movement. A number of people consider movement as something only conveyed through a figure or object.

I wrote this post from the floor of the Atlanta airport, where I spent the better part of last Thursday night.  It wouldn’t be so bad, except that I spent the better part of the day stuck in the Nashville airport.  (Sidenote:  it’s not a bad place to be stuck.  A plate of BBQ, turnip greens, fresh-based rolls with live country music . . . but I digress.)  Business travel, especially during a rough weather week, is not fun.  More on my efforts to get home in a minute.

Andrea Griggs of Murray, Utah is the mother of four children including two sons with autism. Even though Utah has the highest prevalence of autism in the nation (1 in 47), it remains one of only 16 states yet to require health insurers to cover autism therapies. Learn what that has meant for the Griggs family:

As Charlie Daniels would say, “The South’s Gonna Do It Again.”  Notwithstanding that my own home state of South Carolina was an early leader in autism insurance reform, several Southern states are still lacking insurance coverage for autism treatments.  As such, the Autism Speaks Advocacy Team has hit the road down south!  We’re working in Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina, and Mississippi as well as a handful of other states scattered around the country.