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Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Craver Candle!

Anyone who craves the unforgettable flavor of White Castle’s Original Slider® remembers the mouth-watering aroma. Now, White Castle is offering its unique Original Slider-scented candle on with net proceeds benefiting the nation’s largest autism research and advocacy organization, Autism Speaks. Designed by Laura Slatkin, the award-winning founder of Nest Fragrances, this limited-edition candle comes in a ceramic replica of the signature White Castle Slider box.


This post is by Ana Arroyo, a Scentsy Consultant. She says, 'Autism has affected my life, in my son, my grandson and niece.  If you know someone or have someone in your family with Autism, why not give to the cause and receive the beautiful warmer/candle.  You can keep it for yourself or give as a gift.' Ana can be reached by phone at (914) 844-4592 or my mail

Kerry's Korner #33: Autism Speaks Build-A-Bear

In this episode I feature our partnership with Build-A-Bear as we get ready to release our very first Autism Speaks Build-A-Bear on March 27th! To highlight the release we had a special sneak peak for several families at The Build-A-Bear Workshop in New York City. Each family got to participate in events which ended up with all of them leaving with their very own bear. 

Denise Claycomb: First Charity Miler to Reach 2,000 Miles!

Denise Claycomb runs 13 miles a day for Autism Speaks. A few weekends ago, the Charity Miles team went to her home in Pennsylvania to surprise her, as that weekend she would become the first user to reach 2,000 miles. We couldn't be prouder of Denise, or more in awe of her efforts to help Autism Speaks. Congrats, Denise!

This was originally posted on the Charity Miles YouTube Channel

Acclaimed Artist Seth Glier for Autism Speaks

Acclaimed artist and Grammy nominated songwriter Seth Glier is set to head off on a nationwide tour in support of his breathtaking upcoming release, "Things I Should Let You Know". In the months leading up to April (Autism Awareness Month), Seth will speak openly at every stop on the tour about his personal connection with Autism and will provide his fans with an easy way to contribute via his personal fundraising page.

Live Loud is Back

Justin Palmer is the director of online awareness for 

On behalf of Sevenly, we're excited to bring you big news! Back in July of this year, Autism Speaks ran a campaign with featuring the "Live Loud" products. The response was overwhelming, and we raised over $200,000 for communication therapy in only 7 days!