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Family Services

This is a post by Tessie Hooker, the grandmother of a six-year-old boy with autism. 

My 6-year-old grandson has to be watched constantly. He has autism and can only say a few words and most of that is repeating words you say. We keep a chain on the front and back door to keep him safe.

A 2012 Family Services Community Grant to the YMCA of Greater Kansas City funded the Y’s efforts to help impact employment outcomes for youth with autism spectrum disorders by holding Career Academies throughout the Greater Kansas City area in 2013. The below post is by Julie Alsup, Program Innovation and Resource Director at the YMCA of Greater Kansas City.

This is a post by Ilyse Levine-Kanji, a former employment discrimination lawyer who now devotes her time to caring for her two sons, Sam (15) and Troy (13).  For more of Ilyse's advocacy work on behalf of people with autism, check out

One of the most frustrating things about autism is that so little is known about the disorder. 

Kristi Campbell is a semi-lapsed career woman with about 18 years of marketing experience in a variety of national and global technology companies. While she does work part-time, her passion is writing and drawing stupid-looking pictures for her blog Finding Ninee, focused on finding humor and support for her special needs son. 

The word autism entered my heart as a whisper. It later entered my brain as a possibility. Later still, it entered my life. I think I knew, long before I knew.