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Calls to Action

Family Services

This is a post by Kammy Kramer, mom to Elliott (12), Henry (10) and Ada (6).  Both Elliott & Ada are on the autism spectrum. Kammy is the Autism Speaks Family Services Community Liaison in Minnesota. According to her blog, she enjoys strong coffee, pretending to run and writing about our daily triumphs, struggles and light-hearted moments on her website Reflections from the Red Couch: Life with Autism and Other Adventures.

In the post below, Elizabeth Florence Decker, MLA, a Master's of Landscape Architecture student at Kansas State University, explains her Master's report: A City for Marc: An Inclusive Urban Design Approach to Planning for Adults with Autism. Elizabeth created a toolkit to help make cities inclusive of adults with autism.

After a unit on opinion writing in their third grade class, students were asked to write a petition about an issue they care about. One student Emilee, who has a little brother with autism, chose autism awareness and shared her petition at the "petition fair" during Autism Awareness Month. Emilee worked hard to collect several signatures from students and teachers in various grades.