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Earlier this year, Autism Speaks was excited to launch a new grant program, the Swimming and Water Safety Scholarship Fund. This program grants funding to organizations that provide swimming and water safety lessons to award scholarships to financially disadvantaged individuals with autism. The Your Dollars @ Work post below is a series of pictures of some of the scholarship recipients as well as testimonials from parents and service providers.

This guest post is by Courtney Fitzgerald, a mother of a son on the autism spectrum who writes for

"Are you right-handed or left-handed?"

"Stop, I need to look at the hours before we go in."

"Why don't kids like me, Mom?"

"You're joking! Right???"

"That's my chair."

"Which U.S. President died on this day _____ at this age of ___________?"

This post is by Erin Mast, an ABA Master’s student and a full-time mother to three kids with special needs.

Asking for help and admitting your flaws are both seen as weaknesses. I don’t see it that way. I see it as being wise enough to know your limitations. I have limitations. You see, my beautiful, silly son Carter is going to be 11 on August 26th. He also lives with autism. And when I say lives, I mean it. He is vibrant and loves life. He makes those around him love life as well.

This is a post by J-Jaye Hurley, proud mother to Jackson (age 9) and Reese (age 2).  Jackson was diagnosed at age 2 with severe ASD, in addition to numerous other medical conditions over the years.  For the past 3+ years, J-Jaye has served as Autism Speaks Southeast region Autism Response Team Coordinator. Jackson and Reesie Dee have kept the Hurley family quite busy this summer and J-Jaye is currently looking forward to BACK TO SCHOOL time!