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Your Dollars @ Work: Meet the Autism Response Team!

This Your Dollars @ Work post shines a spotlight on the amazing work of the Autism Speaks Autism Response Team. Click here for a list of 10 Ways the Autism Response Team Can Help!

The Autism Response Team (ART) is a group of eight Autism Speaks staff members dedicated to connecting individuals with autism, their families and all other members of the autism community to information, tools and resources.

Strangers Made My Son with Autism’s Birthday the Best Ever

This guest post is from Erin, a mother who recently reached out to us asking for help from our community on finding a rare 'Toy Story' fire truck for her son with autism's birthday. Erin wrote in her blog explaining Carter's strong interest in these movies and how she owned many of the characters from the film. This particular fire truck, a 1990's original little tykes truck was nearly impossible to find.

New Documentary Looks at Life of Single Father and His Son with Autism

This post is by Ken Siri, an author, advocate and entrepreneur who is the single father of Alex, a 15-year-old boy with autism. Ken and Alex will be the subjects of a feature length documentary called "Big Daddy Autism" about the beautiful relationship between a father and son with autism living in New York City. Watch the indiegogo trailer for the film below.

Your Dollars @ Work: Providing a Unique Therapeutic Opportunity

This post below is by Jennifer Hitz, Grants Coordinator, and Megan Giordano, Equine Director, of Leg Up Farm. Opened in 2010, Leg Up Farm is a nonprofit therapy center, located in Mt. Wolf, Pennsylvania, whose mission it is to enrich the lives of families with special needs children through customized therapeutic experiences. Since its opening, Leg Up Farm has provided therapy and education services to over 1,200 children, over 20% of whom have had an autism diagnosis.

How My Family Faces Roadblocks

Jane Springer is the grandmother of twins, one of whom has autism. In the post below, she explains how her family has overcome roadblocks they have faced on their journey with autism. Jane is a certified life and wellness coach who helps parents and grandparents of children on the autism spectrumFor more from Jane, check out her website here.