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A Little Homecoming

This guest post is from Jeneil Russell, wife of army pilot Brandon Russell, mother of two girls named Rhema and Hope and blogger. Her oldest daughter Rhema is on the autism spectrum. You can read this post on Jeneil's blog Rhema's Hope here

Brandon is home for 2 weeks. He’s been deployed for 7 months and has 5 more to go. I wanted to tell you about his reunion with the girls yesterday.

My Career: Studying Autism to Help Others with Autism

This guest post is from Michael Shor, an adult on the autism spectrum who is a licensed LGSW in West Virginia. Michael helps provide in home mental health services to children and teenagers with neurodevelopmental and mental health conditions. This post is part of an initiative on our site called “In Our Own Words: Living on the Spectrum,” which highlights the experiences of individuals with autism from their perspectives. Have a story you want to share for the series?