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Calls to Action


In this episode of Kerry’s Korner I feature Jordan Randles, a 16 year old with asperger syndrome who has already sold 300 blue light bulbs for light it up blue day! Jordan is an advocate for autism awareness and hopes people understand that even though you have autism you are not any less of a person.

This blog post is by Autism Speaks staff Kerry Magro. Kerry, an adult who has autism, is a graduate student at Seton Hall University and is filming a video series called “Kerry’s Korner” for Autism Speaks Light It Up Blue Initiative. Kerry recently started a new video blog called “My Autism My Voice,” where he discusses a variety of topics.

In 2006, Autism Speaks partnered with the Ad Council and BBDO to produce the autism “Odds” campaign. The Public Service Announcement (PSA) campaign was designed to demonstrate the odds of a child reaching milestones parents think about often compared to the much greater chances of being diagnosed with autism. We all dream that our child will one day be a professional athlete or famous musician, but in reality the “Odds” of your child having autism are far greater. 


“Fun and positivity.”

That was the mantra for the Nichole337 project. We wanted to help raise autism awareness and I wanted to do something nice for a person that I admired greatly for her passion for doing what she liked to do while not letting the cyber-bullies get to her.

Last night, more than 250 guests, including Miss New York 2012 Johanna Sambucini, packed the house at the ultra-cool Avenue lounge in New York City for the fifth Autism Speaks to Young Professionals winter gala. The annual event is designed to bring together young professionals from all industries to generate funds and awareness of autism. Co-chaired by Jesse Morris and Danny Ryan, the Autism Speaks to Young Professionals winter gala raised over $33,000 dollars for Autism Speaks’ research and advocacy initiatives.