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Calls to Action


This guest blog post is by Rebecca O'Brien, a mom and blogger.

In my house building toys aren't just "toys," they are tools that help my child to grow as a person, both mentally, physically and emotionally. 

This guest post is by Megan Douglas, a mother and nineteen-year special education teacher. 

My two daughters were both internationally adopted. Sophie, 8 years old, is from Haiti and Grace, 14 years old is from Russia. Grace was diagnosed with autism at age six and we've been piecing the puzzle together since before the diagnosis. Grace has been a runner since I met her in Russia.

This guest blog post is by filmmaker Micha Hilliard. His short film "I'll Be Fine" is a documentary about his 19-year-old cousin Tim, who is on the autism spectrum, and his parents, Richard and Rebecca. The film offers a candid look into the lives of a family affected by autism as told by them. Watch it below.