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Autism in the News

Older parents more likely to have an autistic child, study finds (Fox News) Children born to a parent over age 35 are at greater risk for developing an autism spectrum disorder -- but the risk is the same whether just one or both parents are older, according to a new study of Danish families. Read more.

Pa. university program helps autistic students (Erie, Penn.) Nick Pusateri drapes himself across a couch in a bunker-like room in the basement of his apartment building at Mercyhurst University in Erie. Read more.

Can My Kid Still Get Treatment? Why Autism's Definition Matters (The Atlantic) Everyone, now, has something to say about autism. While TV shows, such as Touch, portray autistic children as possessing superhuman powers, the American Psychiatric Association (APA) is busy revising its definition of the disorder to focus on only the most affected individuals. Read more.

Virginia approves bill to provide insurance coverage for autistic children - again (Richmond, Va.) The Virginia General Assembly has passed a bill — again — to provide insurance coverage for families with autistic children. Read more.

NH school principal dives in river to rescue boy (Rochester, N.H.) An elementary school principal in New Hampshire jumped into a frozen river to save a 10-year-old student who fell through the ice. Read more.

Study finds early signs of autism in baby brains (FOX News) Children who develop autism already show signs of different brain responses in their first year of life, scientists said on Thursday in a study that may in the future help doctors diagnose the disorder earlier. Read more.

‘Talking things through in their head’ may aid children with autism (Fox News) Talking to yourself in your head may not be such a bizarre pastime.  It may actually be an important developmental tool. Read more.

It makes sense to redefine autism (CNN) "Will my child still qualify for a diagnosis of autism?" This is the question on the minds of many parents with children who have autism. The short answer is: Most likely, yes. Read more.

Autism: Finding a place to be "not even wrong" (Silver Spring, Md.) My family is struggling a little right now. Jack, my autistic son, is having a hard time readjusting to the routine of school after the unstructured chaos of the holiday season. The social divide between him and his peers is widening at the same time that his autism-specific deficits are butting up against the third grade curriculum. Read more.

New Definition of Autism Will Exclude Many, Study Suggests (The New York Times) Proposed changes in the definition of autism would sharply reduce the skyrocketing rate at which the disorder is diagnosed and might make it harder for many people who would no longer meet the criteria to get health, educational and social services, a new analysis suggests. Read more.