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Autism in the News

Autism in the News - 02.16.12

Mercury again ruled out as autism cause ( Mercury does not cause autism, another study now concludes. The levels of mercury in the urine of children with autism were no higher than urine mercury levels of children without the condition, the study from England found. Read more. W.Va. autism insurance "fix" heads to full House (Charleston, W.

Autism in the News - 02.15.12

Lindt Announces 2012 Autism Speaks Partnership Program (Stratham, N.H.) Premium Swiss chocolatier, Lindt, announces today it is once again partnering with Autism Speaks to raise funds and awareness for autism during the Easter season. Lindt will support the world's leading autism science and advocacy organization through donations from sales of the iconic Lindt GOLD BUNNY. Read more. 

Autism in the News - 02.13.12

Autism therapy apps balloon, but therapeutic benefits remain to be proved (TechWorld) With one honk, the course of Shannon Des Roches Rosa's day abruptly changed. "It's my son," Rosa announced, as she quickly removed the microphone pinned to her shirt. "I've gotta run," she said, as she hurried out the door of her sprawling home. Her 11-year-old son, Leo, just home from school, must be met at the bus at the top of the driveway before coming indoors.

Autism in the News - 02.10.12

Autism experts to gather at USC symposium ( USC faculty and community experts are slated to convene on March 9 at the USC Occupational Science Symposium to share research and perspectives on autism and autism spectrum disorders with an audience of university colleagues and students, health professionals and public advocates. Read more.