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Autism in the News

Reading Club | ‘Navigating Love and Autism’ (New York Times)
On Dec. 26, 2011, the front page of The New York Times featured an extraordinary article. Part of a series by Amy Harmon chronicling the coming of age of a generation of autistic youths, the article, “Navigating Love and Autism,” told the story of Jack Robison and Kirsten Lindsmith, a young couple with Asperger’s syndrome. Read More.

Kids With Autism at a Synagogue on Purim? Not a Prayer, Right? (
I celebrated the Jewish holiday Purim last week at my synagogue. And Purim, along with a host of other Jewish holidays, will never be the same for me. Read More.

Autistic girl, 9, fatally shot brother, 7, Arkansas police say (Little Rock, Ark.)
 A 9-year-old autistic girl fatally shot her 7-year-old brother at the family's Arkansas apartment while their parents were signing paperwork at a leasing office, police said Tuesday. Read more.

Free Autism Assessments (The Santa Barbara Independent)
I was very interested in your “Infant Intervention” article. I am familiar with the Koegels and their UCSB Autism Program and respect and admire their work. However, $2,000 is a large sum of money for families to pay whether or not their insurance pays for the assessment. Read more.

Parents of autistic children speak out on Sunnyvale murder-suicide (Mercury News)
Taking care of autistic children is hard enough, but caring for them when they grow up can test a parent's resolve like nothing else. Read more.

Newman revises autism-training bill (Richmond, Va.)
Teacher aides and others who work with autistic students could receive special training after the state Senate approved a rewritten bill Tuesday. Read more.

W.Va. autism insurance "fix" gets 11th-hour review (Charleston, W. Va.)
Legislation meant to fix West Virginia's new law requiring autism insurance coverage is getting a last-minute financial analysis. Read more.